What is The Partnership? 

The Partnership to Reduce Cancer in Rhode Island is a passionate group of survivors, caregivers, health care providers, and advocates who are working together to reduce the burden of cancer in Rhode Island.


Specifically, the Partnership:

  • Works to bridge the gaps in the cancer care system by forming partnerships and fostering collaboration

  • Values strong leadership in engaging its many dedicated members in cooperative, mission driven work to improve cancer survivorship within our state

  • Works to improve the quality of care and the possibility of earlier detection in order to assure survivors of better outcomes

Partnership members work collaboratively to:

  • Educate and advocate on cancer issues

  • Increase early detection and prevention of cancer by promoting screening and evidence-based risk reduction and health promotion programs

  • Ensure Rhode Islanders have access to excellent care, treatment, and support services

  • Implement policy, systems, and environmental change interventions to guide sustainable cancer control

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We have incorporated the Cancer Ribbon in our logo to_edited.jpg