Survivor Stories

​First Person Accounts of Living With Cancer

Most people know someone who is living with cancer. Yet, we still find it difficult to talk about, to understand what it is like to have an illness that at one time was thought to be incurable and untreatable. While the former may be true for many cancers, the latter is not. Over the next several months leading up to our RI Cancer Summit, we will be interviewing survivors who will tell us in their own words what it feels like to be living with cancer, how they cope and endure treatments, and most of all how they have managed, despite cancer, to live a life that is meaningful and fulfilling.

*Disclaimer: The opinions expressed during the interviews belong to the interviewees alone. The stories and examples given are from their own experiences. The information given is not intended to provide specific advice and the Partnership does not endorse any medical advice discussed.

"Life is Beautiful—Regardless of the Struggles"

We invited Betty Bernal and Wilson Villamar of the Latino Cancer Control Task Force and survivor Mary Monier for a discussion about the importance of cancer screening, barriers for the latinx community, and how to stay positive during a diagnosis. Mary is a proud member of the Latino Cancer Control Task Force and a prominent member of the Grupo Esperanza support group. 

"I'm Not Giving Up"

This interview series starts with Deborah Klibanoff, a six-year ovarian cancer survivor, who shares stories on alternative medicine, her biggest takeaways from this cancer journey, and how she stays positive with her diagnosis.

"I'm Not Giving Up" Part 1Deborah Klibanoff
00:00 / 23:53

Our interview with Deborah continues as she discusses her experience with cancer and COVID-19, the importance of patient advocacy and the value of sharing stories and advice with other survivors.

"I'm Not Giving Up" Part 2Deborah Klibanoff
00:00 / 24:11

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