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Our Staff

Cancer can be an overwhelming experience. Our staff understands that and is here to listen to your needs and help you identify the resources that can support you in survivorship.
Give us a call, we would love to hear from you!

Meet the Team


Megan Daniel 

Executive Director


As Executive Director, Megan leads program development and operation and oversees strategic and administrative responsibilities to ensure the execution of the Partnership’s mission.


Megan joined the Partnership as an intern during her senior year at Roger Williams University, during which her interest in public health and passion for helping others began to rapidly grow. She has since spent her time carefully learning about the Rhode Island cancer community and how the Partnership, its members, and partners can successfully reduce the burden of cancer among its residents.


Megan enjoys spending quality time with her family and friends, cooking, baking, and playing with her cat, Delilah.


Lora Fox

Coalition Coordinator/PSE Specialist


As Coalition Coordinator/PSE Specialist, Lora concentrates on coalition building and PSE Strategies for the Partnership. She works to identify new relationships and partnerships in the community, expanding our reach into underserved and diverse populations.

Lora came to the Partnership hoping to apply her organizational and advocacy skills to support cancer prevention and education. As an ovarian and breast cancer survivor, she is passionate about our cause.

A Stanford University Communications graduate, Lora is an avid puzzler and a life-long learner with a strong background in media and education. She also has the unique distinction of being the first female on-camera diver/Writer/Producer with Great White Sharks for Discovery Channel’s Shark Week.

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Etianna Nascimento

Media and Communications Coordinator


As the Partnership's Media and Communications Coordinator, Etianna combines her passion for the arts, communication, and healthcare together. 

Etianna graduated from the School of Visual Arts with her BFA in Graphic Design. She has used her creative skills to design menus, business cards, websites, packaging, and more.  

During her free time, Etianna enjoys journaling, baking, trying new foods, and binge-watching the latest tv-shows.  

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