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The Partnership to Reduce Cancer in Rhode Island is a passionate group of survivors, caregivers, healthcare providers, and advocates who are working together to reduce the burden of cancer in Rhode Island.

Our Mission

The mission of the Partnership to Reduce Cancer in Rhode Island is to prevent cancer and improve the quality of life of all Rhode Islanders living with cancer through education, advocacy, and supportive resources.

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Our Vision

Create a cancer free Rhode Island through leadership and community engagement

Our Guiding Values

  • Inclusive and equitable healthcare. 

  • The efforts of all who work with and on behalf of the Partnership in pursuit of its mission.

  • A culture of integrity, collaboration, transparency, and excellence.

  • The voices, experiences, and personal stories of cancer survivors and their families. 

  • A diverse, engaged membership and their role in and contributions to the organization.

  • Innovation through evidence-based practice, quality improvement, and research.

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The Partnership to Reduce Cancer in Rhode Island has been making tremendous strides in cancer prevention and health equity throughout the state for many years. Therefore we have decided our next step is to aim for bigger goals and expand our impact in the community. To mark this new era, this process begins by creating a new logo that represents the Partnership entering a new period of growth and expansion. The tree branches overlapping on the new logo represent communication, collaboration, and the idea of leaning on one another.

The Partnership would like to thank all members and organizations who have contributed to our work thus far, and we look forward to continuing to build relationships and start new ones. We greatly appreciate these collaborations that help bring our new vision to life: “Create a cancer-free Rhode Island through leadership and community engagement.”

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