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Crush COVID 2020

“Such a treat to go in for treatment and get something so useful and a present.”
- Care Kit Recipient

In August 2020, the Hospital Association of Rhode Island successfully applied on behalf of the Partnership for the Crush COVID 2020 Mini-Grant from the RI Department of Health, which asked that we distribute masks and provide education on safe COVID practices to our chosen community. Our team created personal care kits, which contained cloth masks, hand sanitizer, antibacterial wipes, and educational flyers among other supplies and goodies. Here are what some staff and patients had to say upon receiving the kits:


The number of personal care kits given to cancer patients.


The number of masks distributed to our community.


The number of cancer centers in RI served by this project.

Thank You

The Partnership received donations of over 2000 pieces of jewelry, 1500 hand sanitizer, and 1500 packages of antibacterial wipes from Ocean State Job Lot, delivered by David Sarlitto, Director of the OSJL Charitable Foundation. These products were included in the personal care kits that the Partnership delivered to patients at the cancer centers. Mr. Sarlitto insisted on personally delivering the donations himself and taking time to learn more about our mission and how his kindness will benefit the cancer community. Corporate leadership and community leadership go hand in hand. At Ocean State Job Lot, they not only talk the talk but walk with you to help you get to a better place. We are most grateful for their support.

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