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Oral Health - Side Effect Support

Patients, Caregivers, & Providers

Side Effect Support LLC is a small business created by Jill Meyer-Lippert, R.D.H, that has developed from her own personal and professional experiences. Side Effect Support offers a unique way of providing patient and provider education and affordable chemotherapy side effect remedies to aid in the management of short-term and long-term symptoms. Side Effect Supports also offers teledentistry links and resources specific to both the survivor/caregiver and professional (dental/medical) audiences, to aid all those involved in a cancer patient’s journey.

Side Effect Support has:

  • Oral Care Shop - includes lip care, mouth rinses, oral care kits, oral moisturizers, toothbrushes & shields, toothpaste, gums/mints

  • Link to a TeleDentist

  • Resources specific to the target audience (Patients & Providers)

    • FAQs

    • Blogs

    • Brochures

    • Related Organizations


More information about this small business can be found at:



The information on the Rhode Island Cancer and Oral Health Resource Guide, including but not limited to, text, graphics, images, and other external materials are for informational purposes only. The Partnership to Reduce Cancer in Rhode Island does not provide medical advice. The information on this website is not intended as a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. 

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